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itsme®, your digial ID eID card UserID & pwd + Mobile app
itsme®: application on smartphone, you can activate it via your bank or on their website with eID) itsme.be
TOPT: (the ONLY app for non-residents if registered! More info? ) identification via smartphone / tablet, with user name, password and a code available via the app trough CSAM
eID: Belgian electronic identity card and your secret code, an eID card reader connected to the PC with the Belgian eID software

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From 23 April 2019 you can file your personal income tax return (assessment year 2019 / income 2018) online via taxonweb.be
As a Tax-on-web user you have time until July 12, 2019 to submit your tax return. On paper until 29/06/2019. You can compare this data online via our site with the data from the 2018 holiday allowance (Simulation Payments) or with the certificate received by mail at the time of payment in 2018 (2018 holiday allowance - 2017 salary). You can also request a tax certificate through our site and compare this with the tax certificate (281.10) from taxonweb.be.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers.


When changing or creating an activity linked to a social security number or CBE number, the R.S.Z. establish a main activity and pass it on to the RJV annual holiday sector. With this information he will realize an affiliation to one of the 10 holiday funds. In case of doubt, the system will conduct an investigation to determine the correctness of the affiliation. An affiliation is therefore determined according to the employer's RSZ declaration and Congemetal cannot or may not exercise any influence on it. If you are affiliated to Congemetal (the affiliation number is the Social Security number, the 9 digits without the activity), the system will send all declarations and attestations from these workers, obtained from the Social Security declaration, to Congemetal so that Congemetal can perform the calculation. All changes to a declaration can be part of the recalculation of the holiday pay and/or the holiday days acquired.

How is the holiday allowance funded? The holiday pay of the workers is financed by Employer's contributions to the National Social Security Office on the gross salary of the worker at 108%.
Since 1 January 2018, these Employers contributions amount to 15.84%, split into a quarterly contribution of 5.57% and an annual contribution for April of 10.27%.

Consult holiday file of your Employees:
The employer or your social secretariat can log in on the social security portal site with eID, itsme®, or TOTP: Direct link to the page, logon
The Social security has raised the level of security, from 01/10/2019: Access to the application only via eID, itsme® or TOTP!!

Is this not possible? Then you still have to appoint a main access administrator yourself.
Or you still have to be added for consultation 'COVA' and eBox by the main access administrator. https://www.csam.be/en/management-access-managers.html
After processing this request you can log in with eID, itsme®, or TOTP.

itsme® can be easily downloaded on the smartphone and activated with the personal bank, thereafter there is no longer a link with your personal bank, this has only been used once, for identification purposes only. It is a good backup of the eID.

For Employers and their representatives, there are daily updates of the calculated days, gross and net holiday pay as from January of each vacation year.
The payment date of the company's workers is online as well.
Please note, we will receive the 4th quarter not before February-March, the data cannot be included in the calculation before processing the file!
Updates are uploaded every day.
The employer can consult this for all workers who worked for them last year and this year(after dimona)and receive holiday pay this year.
The employer can possibly export this data to a csv (excel) or xml file.
All this data is cumulated with all the holiday funds that have already uploaded their data.

Are vacation days planned other than 5 days full-time? Then you can do that convert here.

Policy for the direct transfer of protected data upon request.

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On the social security portal site (www.socialsecurity.be) under the name of "Citizen"; "Online services"; "my holiday account", there is an application that allows you to view your holiday account securely.
itsme®: identification via smartphone, you can activate via your bank, on their website with eID or via your Mobile phone provider) itsme.be
TOPT: (the ONLY app for non-residents if registered! More info? ) identification via smartphone / tablet, with user name, password and a code available via the app trough CSAM
eID: Belgian electronic identity card and your secret code, an eID card reader connected to the PC with the Belgian eID software

Online Holiday Account

itsme®, your digial ID eID card UserID & pwd + Mobile app

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What can you consult from January of every holiday year?

- The amount.
- The vacation duration (number of vacation days acquired expressed in a full-time five-day system).
- Address and payment details (IBAN number).
- Amounts and number of days that form the basis of the calculation (worked and paid).
- Date and IBAN of payments already made.
- Payments still to be made with planned date.
- The correspondence between you and Congemetal (from 2016).

What can you change (only with eID, TOTP and itsme®)?

- Your payment details (new IBAN number).
- Your correspondence address.
- Your language code for our correspondence.

What can you request / print?

- Certificate of the calculation and any payments already made (Holiday year = year of service + 1).
- Certificate of the number of vacation days acquired (calculated according to performance in the year of service).
- Certificate for the declaration of the income of last year. (Assessment year = holiday year / income year last year + 1).
- The correspondence between you and Congemetal from 2016.
- Possible claims, with name of creditor, outstanding balance, date of reception and last change.

I no longer know my PIN code of my eID: If you have lost or forgotten your PIN and PUK code, you can use the website of the FPS Home Affairs request new codes.

In order to gain access for non-residents to consult Belgian government sites, the person concerned must register in a Belgian registration office, embassy or consulate. Do you not have an Belgian eID and do you want access to our online government services? Then you can register in one registration office. There is a registration office at FPS Policy and Support - DG Digital Transformation in Brussels, but you can also go to a municipality with a local registration office. To avoid abuse, you must personally register with the registration office by appointment. You will be registered after an identity check. With this registration you will receive a personal activation code on paper and you will receive an activation link via e-mail. Once you have activated a digital key via the activation link and code, you will gain access to government online services based on your user name, password and digital key, and you can also manage your digital keys More info?


Privacy declaration:
You can always view and / or change the bank account number provided to us online.
We process your personal data for the sole purpose of paying the holiday allowance and sending documents relating to your holiday account, which is our mission as legally determined.
Complete privacy statement.
This website does not keep personal information, we do not read or place cookies.

Bankcertificat (These are input forms, you can already fill them in with “Adobe Reader” Get Adobe reader before printing.)
To be signed by the worker to pass on a new or change of IBAN number to Congemetal per document (instead of online). Also available in other languages.
PL wesja Polska - ES certificado bancario - DE Bankbescheinigung
FR Attestation bancaire - NL Bankattest

Information for additional vacation workers ------ Additional holiday form request

Royal Decree of 23/11/2006 on the limiting seizure when there are dependent children.
Declaration form dependent child (ren)

Information payment holiday allowance of a deceased worker

Request document for payment of holiday pay from a deceased worker.
Formularz wakacje zmarlego pracownika

276 Frontier worker declaration - Application of the Additional Protocol on Frontier Workers to the Franco-Belgian Double Tax Convention of 10 March 1964 for the avoidance of double taxation, as inserted by Article 2 of the Avenant to the Agreement signed on 12 December 2008.